Facebook Bans Social Bribery to Get Page Likes – How That Affects Marketers


If you've been forcing people to "Like" your page in order to participate in Facebook contests, quizzes, prize draws and the like, tough luck. Facebook's putting an end to that. Effective November 5, 2014, you can no longer acquire fans on Facebook by holding, say, a contest where they have to ‘Like’ the page to participate. Or by running sweepstakes and giving away freebies to random people who ‘like’ your page. (Read the official statement) “Fan gating” will be forbidden. That means your apps have to be available to anyone - Fans and … [Continue reading]

3 Tips to Turn Leads into Sales


Your campaign’s off the ground and the pipeline’s filling up with leads. Great! Now the sales warriors will get to work, and begin the conversions. In an ideal world, that is. Because the truth is, it’s not all up to them. How often do we see a great deal of those juicy leads fail to convert? Or decompose and get thrown out, long after sales should have gobbled them up? It’s a common enough problem - but don’t be too quick to blame the folks in the field. First, a simple question. What sort of campaign is pulling in these leads? Inbound, or … [Continue reading]

Mobile Marketing – You’re Doing It Wrong


Mobile penetration is growing at an exponential rate throughout the whole world. The same can be said about smartphones. Every month, a new report comes out stating the rise in mobile Internet users. And most marketers are looking at the data and trying to figure out how to reach their prospects in this new, emerging giant of a medium. And, in 9 out of 10 cases, doing it wrong. When it comes to mobile marketing, marketers are trying to fit their old, classic viewpoints into the new. They are taking what they know best about other channels … [Continue reading]

Marketing ROI is for the Customer Too


Once again, Seth Godin hammers the proverbial nail through the floor. Our audience is made up of two types of businesses: those not doing well, which don’t have the resources to spend on us, and those doing well, which have the resources - but don’t want to rock the boat. The logical conclusion? Reach them by telling your story in a way that doesn’t upset their status quo. But then how are we to deliver change, let alone positive change? Yes, this doesn’t only come about with stirring things up. But with content marketing, we have … [Continue reading]

Marketing over Booze Highlights – Metrics Misunderstandings


It was smashing (no pun intended) having Marcus Ho and Clement Wong, of SocialMetric Singapore, with us lately for some jib-jab about marketing - over booze! We wasted (no, seriously!) no time getting down to a topic close to everybody’s heart - metrics. The APAC Digital Marketing Dashboard report for 2012 clearly shows a lack of alignment between marketing measurement and strategic business goals, and here’s what our guests had to say about it. So why are marketers in Asia Pacific prioritizing rudimentary metrics, like website traffic, … [Continue reading]