The Importance Of Staying Agnostic

agnostic content

Here’s a common scenario: midway into an organisation’s agnostic, vendor-neutral content marketing approach, the decision-makers feel there isn’t enough of a ‘push’ for their brand name or an upcoming product release. So they grab the wheel. The campaign ends up heavy on brand and product plugs and the results don’t impress anyone. It feels unnatural, for traditional marketers, to go against their instincts and refrain from talking about their brand. If the goal of marketing is to get their brand name out there for greater visibility, why … [Continue reading]

Google to Marketers: Go Mobile-Friendly Or Go Home

search engine marketing

Google has officially given marketers the signal to mobile-optimise their sites, affecting search engine marketing in a big way. Search results (in all languages) will favour mobile-friendly sites, from April 21, 2015. Marketers would do well to pay attention. The message is loud and clear: Want your websites to remain discoverable in Google search? Make them mobile-friendly. The Evolving Trinity of Search The three main algorithms - Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird - have guided marketers in their efforts to provide the best quality, … [Continue reading]

7 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Email Marketing

email marketing

With mobile, social media and big data (still having a problem with it?) maturing into mainstream trends, it seems traditional email marketing is bound for the history books. Or is it? Amid all this innovation and game-changing, there is a strong case for our humble mailing lists remaining the best digital channel for generating revenue. The Year of Email Marketing? 2013 was the year of mobile, and 2014 the year that big data adoption went mainstream. But according to eConsultancy, email is not going anywhere. In their recent industry … [Continue reading]

3 Hacks for Irresistible Content – Inspired by Brain Science

brain science

In today’s content-saturated world, marketers face an uphill struggle. According to Rexi Media, audiences forget 90% of any content they consume. Studies also show a decreasing attention span among Millennials. We have 3 hacks that could help you leave a lasting impact on your audiences - all based on the science of how our brains respond to content. Days Of Advertising Past Neuroscience as a sales ‘secret weapon’ is hardly new. It all began with ads and films inserting frames with subliminal messaging to exploit our brains’ pattern-seeking … [Continue reading]

B2B Telco and ISP Marketing Challenges Today

B2B Telco Marketing Issues

The spectrum of service offerings from telecom companies and internet service providers, especially on the B2B side, are getting broader exponentially. Profit margins from traditional bread-and-butter services are thinning, while the lines between telecom companies and technology vendors are blurring. Now that the cloud and virtualisation era is upon us, telcos and ISPs are cashing in on their subscriber bases. They have started offering managed services, Software as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service solutions. Whether by reselling, … [Continue reading]