The Two Types of Viral Content


Us marketers like to see our work go viral. Many of us see it as proof of success - proof that our content truly, madly, resonates with the global crowd. But have we really given thought to what we are achieving with this contagion? Brad Neathery of SocialRest has an answer to that, in this wonderfully illuminating piece about how viral content might not be what we think it is - and why we should be focusing on producing shareable content instead. It’s well worth a read - and shows that viral content can come in two kinds. Night … [Continue reading]

3 Steps to Extend Responsive Design to Content


Responsive design has already become a standard for the heart of most organisations’ online presence: the website. A webpage not optimised for mobile is a webpage nobody views. Which, by extension, makes responsiveness critical for content marketers. Fail to give our readers the best possible viewing experience, and we lose them. Our microsites, blogs, and the like can’t be seen as a disjointed mess of images or microscopic text squiggles. Common sense, but let’s go a step further. In paying attention to the responsiveness of our content … [Continue reading]

Marketing Lessons from Microsoft @ E3


You'd think a name as big as Microsoft, or specifically a game console like the Xbox, would sell itself - hence, little need for any marketing sleight-of-hand. But consumers are a fickle lot. And when they are also fans, and the whole sales cycle is taking place on B2C territory, the trusty old self-promotion approach can fail even big brands. Microsoft learned that the hard way last year, with the controversies surrounding the reveal of the Xbox One: a hefty price tag, restrictions on game ownership, and a hard bundle with the unpopular … [Continue reading]

Content Marketing – Thinking Out of the Funnel


For all B2B marketers the term content marketing is now very hot. Content marketing is the heart of B2B marketing today, and rightfully so. But most of the conversations regarding content marketing are around the revenue funnel - that is, either lead generation or lead nurturing. Nothing wrong with that. For quality lead generation, we need quality content. But what about building trust? Before a prospect fills up a form, don't we need to build up a certain level of trustworthiness in their minds? In my experience, we are seriously … [Continue reading]

B2Bento @ BMA14: Walking the Talk with Social Media


We’re back from the 2014 Global BMA Conference, and what a blast it was! On May 29, B2Bento editor-in-chief Anol Bhattacharya joined social media professionals Rick Stoner, Paul Myerscough and Thomas Foell on The Impact of Social Media Globalization: Why People Are More Important Than Your Logo. Enjoy the discussion! And here's Rick Stoner's own coverage, with bite-sized snippets. This was no old presentation. The panel threw out the stodgy slide decks, and took to Twitter and LiveCube instead to get the audience in on the action. Here’s … [Continue reading]