Putting the Enablement back into Sales Enablement Content


We talked about bridging sales and marketing with content before. Now comes a report from Docurated that claims 90% of marketing content is unused by sales teams. A hefty figure – but nothing new, is it? Cue Round X of the finger-pointing: the salespeople ‘don’t get’ all that high-value stuff, or are too busy ‘living from quarter to quarter’ to bother, while the marketers are ‘disconnected’ from the ‘harsh reality’ on the ground. It’s an old and tired refrain – and still as tricky a subject today as it ever was. True, many times it’s the … [Continue reading]

Recharging B2B Blogging in 3 Steps


Small wonder that 80% of North America’s B2B marketers (as surveyed by CMI and MarketingProfs) blog as part of their content marketing efforts. Blogging is inexpensive, sustainable, and fully under one’s control – and that last bit tops all others. Like we said back when Facebook went the paid path, anchoring a content strategy to third-party applications is risky. Owned media is key to helping us, as marketers, play by our own rules. And as far as content hubs go, a blog does all a social media stream can – and more besides. With that in … [Continue reading]

How To Adapt To The Facebook News Feed Tweaks

facebook newsfeed

Marketers still pining for the old days of high organic reach on the Facebook News Feed are in for bad news. The News Feed has evolved into a complex beast that challenges content creators. With the latest updates to the Facebook News Feed algorithm, multiple posts are allowed from the same source in a row updates from friends are prioritised over brand Page posts there will be fewer ‘alerts' when friends like or comment on other posts At the time of writing, Facebook has created a new survey to improve the News Feed for each … [Continue reading]

6 Approaches To Storytelling In B2B Marketing


The claim that facts and rationalisations alone decide business purchases is a myth. In every purchase (even in B2B), people make the decisions, not companies. And good storytelling is what drives people to make decisions. Stories have a universal power to effect change and influence behaviour. Whether you are a salesperson, an IT pro or even a C-suite executive, great stories never fail to captivate. The Chemistry of Emotion Think back to the last good story you enjoyed. What made you finish it in the first place? Something must have … [Continue reading]

Personalisation in Content Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

personalisation dos and donts

Personalisation has come a long way from swapping “Dear Sir” for “Hi Joe” in eDMs. Now we have the capabilities to go beyond the superficial: understand audiences’ behaviours, predict their interests, and tailor content to influence their decision-making. And we have the future on our side. Big data and the growing information boom from the Internet of Things will only provide even more insights for us to target buyers’ preferences. But being able to do something does not always mean doing it right. To reap the most from this world of … [Continue reading]