Content Marketing Localization – Lost in Translation


Localization is NOT just translation. It’s about paying close attention to the places and the people you’re reaching out to. You may have great content that works well at home, but take it abroad and there’s a good bet it gets - pardon the cliche - lost in translation. Or worse, cause a major embarrassment. Language and culture are tricky things. To make sure your message is found on the other side, you need to do a lot more than flip … [Continue reading]

4 Lessons in Marketing from ‘Gladiator’


Some time ago, we dug into history to connect some of Aristotle’s sayings to the practice of marketing. It’s about persuasion, and few things help more there than knowing a thing or two about human nature. But the Greeks weren’t the only great thinkers. What about, say, the Romans? Inspired by Dennis McCafferty’s creative and useful writeup on Content Marketing Institute, here come four lessons we, as marketers, can pick up from... no, not … [Continue reading]

A 3-Point Checklist to Truly Agnostic Content


Tyler Durden saith: the first rule of branding is you do not talk about your brand. Which, incidentally, is also the first rule of content marketing. And of pretty much any endeavor where the goal is to win people’s trust. It may seem straightforward enough. No names. But in practice, there’s quite a bit more to it than simply leaving your brand or company out. Sure, that helps in showing at a glance that whatever you’ve rolled out isn’t a … [Continue reading]

The B2B Marketing Masterclass – Bento-U – Now Open!


We're proud to announce the launch of Bento-U, a Masterclass with a mission - to share the practical insights we've gained about marketing over the years, and how to put them to good use in your day-to-day. Enter Bento-U Module 1: The Laws of Attraction (Yes, module one. This is just the beginning.) We'll talk about lead generation and lead nurturing: the ways to populate your funnel and guide potential customers down it. We'll discuss the … [Continue reading]

Leads versus Demand: What Are You Generating?


Are you creating demand for your offerings, or for your content? That’s the question Eric Wittlake asked some months back over at Content Marketing Institute: an interesting discussion about the seldom-acknowledged gulf between lead generation and demand generation. Semantics? Not quite. They are not the same thing - in fact, they are opposed to each other. Because one just captures customers’ details, while the other shapes their perspective. … [Continue reading]