GetIT Joins BBN, Ready to Serve Global Clients

BBN logo

Sometimes we can sprout wings overnight. GetIT Comms has joined the Business to Business Network (BBN), and what was once a regional ambit is now global. Through BBN, GetIT Comms can service clients in 15 countries and 22 cities through partnerships with close to 1,000 marketing professionals across over 250 disciplines. BBN is the world’s leading independent network of international B2B communications agencies. For nearly thirty years, BBN has brought together agencies from North America, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Russia to … [Continue reading]

To the Naysayers of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – an Open Letter from a Marketer

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’re aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The campaign created, literally, a big splash, not only in non-profit fundraising but in the marketing world too. The reactions have been mostly positive, but as always there are a few naysayers with several negative comments about this campaign such as: It’s a waste of fresh water People are just having fun, and don’t care about the cause People are using the challenge to avoid donating hard cash. Imagine if all those … [Continue reading]

Facebook Bans Social Bribery to Get Page Likes – How That Affects Marketers


If you've been forcing people to "Like" your page in order to participate in Facebook contests, quizzes, prize draws and the like, tough luck. Facebook's putting an end to that. Effective November 5, 2014, you can no longer acquire fans on Facebook by holding, say, a contest where they have to ‘Like’ the page to participate. Or by running sweepstakes and giving away freebies to random people who ‘like’ your page. (Read the official statement) “Fan gating” will be forbidden. That means your apps have to be available to anyone - Fans and … [Continue reading]

3 Tips to Turn Leads into Sales


Your campaign’s off the ground and the pipeline’s filling up with leads. Great! Now the sales warriors will get to work, and begin the conversions. In an ideal world, that is. Because the truth is, it’s not all up to them. How often do we see a great deal of those juicy leads fail to convert? Or decompose and get thrown out, long after sales should have gobbled them up? It’s a common enough problem - but don’t be too quick to blame the folks in the field. First, a simple question. What sort of campaign is pulling in these leads? Inbound, or … [Continue reading]

Mobile Marketing – You’re Doing It Wrong


Mobile penetration is growing at an exponential rate throughout the whole world. The same can be said about smartphones. Every month, a new report comes out stating the rise in mobile Internet users. And most marketers are looking at the data and trying to figure out how to reach their prospects in this new, emerging giant of a medium. And, in 9 out of 10 cases, doing it wrong. When it comes to mobile marketing, marketers are trying to fit their old, classic viewpoints into the new. They are taking what they know best about other channels … [Continue reading]