Facebook Custom Audience Targeting Terms Update: What Next for Marketers?


Facebook feature updates are so frequent these days. In a span of 4 months, they have banned like-gaiting, killed off organic reach and cracked down on click-baiting. Even the most tech-savvy social media wizard could be forgiven for missing this latest one about custom audience targeting for advertising on the platform. The update to Facebook’s Terms of Service for Custom Audience Targeting prohibits scraping UIDs for building custom lists of people to target ads. You may be tempted to blindly click the “Accept” button for these long texts … [Continue reading]

5 Lessons from Online Dating for Your B2B Lead Generation Strategies


Yes you may very well read that title again. And you may very well wonder how these seemingly unrelated activities - one that of finding potential candidates to be your soul mate and the other that of increasing potential buyers for a business - would have anything in common. Here’s a hint: Don’t they both involve a series of steps - from having a preference to eventually focusing your attention? Making good impressions on first encounters? What about expressing your continued interest and gaining trust later on? Let’s examine the 5 … [Continue reading]

10 New Digital Marketing Certifications from Digital Vidya and Vskills

digital vidya

 So you want to enter the Digital Marketing space. You see the growth potential in this field. You find it a challenge worth your time and efforts and you know you can make a difference. You knock on many doors but all of them have a sign that says “Certification Needed”. As we say in India, “Don’t worry boss!” . Digital Vidya, one of the leading Digital Marketing education firms in Asia is launching 10 new Digital Marketing certification programs in association with Vskills, an initiative by the Govt. of India. What can you expect from … [Continue reading]

3 iPhone Apps for Marketers


As marketers, we have dozens of apps available to make our jobs easier - or perhaps a better word is possible, since staying abreast of things on the go is the name of the game these days. With that, we’re going to talk about three apps we consider essential for every marketer’s mobile toolkit. We’re sure this list will be expanded or changed as time goes by. But here it is. 3 iPhone Apps for Marketers. You might be using some of these already - if not, give them a spin! 3 iPhone Apps for Marketers Google Analytics: now on … [Continue reading]

What Can Marketers Do About Facebook’s Clickbait Crackdown?


In case you haven’t heard, Facebook has pulled off a hat trick with their rule changes. First they killed off organic post reach, then they banned like-gating, and their latest mission is to weed out clickbaiting. In a nutshell, Facebook is tracking people’s response to what they click on, and your posts’ ranking in newsfeeds now hinges on two factors: The amount of time people spend reading what you link to The amount of engagement with your post There’s no escaping it now - the days of sensationalised, Upworthy/Buzzfeed-style … [Continue reading]