The Do’s and Don’ts of Native Advertising


Native advertising, or sponsored content, has become the most talked about trend in the industry of late. You’re already seeing it in action, even if you are not fully aware of it.  Sponsored stories on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter and other ‘branded’ or ‘promoted’ content on websites are manifestations of native advertising. They enable brands to advertise their sponsored content by blending in with the content that consumers chase. What is Native Advertising?  Native advertising is when sponsored content is shown to the user in … [Continue reading]

B2B Marketing Case Study – The Power of Personas


We're back with our B2B marketing case study series, where we feature some of our recent engagement in the space. Feel free to pitch in with your own stories! Background  Partners have always been a crucial part of the Cisco ecosystem. To give them the support they need to close deals and grow their business, Cisco provides them with training programmes, marketing kits, financing solutions, deal management systems, and much more, through an online portal - Cisco Partner Central. However, despite its great value to partners, the portal … [Continue reading]

Book Review: Global Content Marketing by Pam Didner


Content Marketing on a global scale has many challenges. In Asian markets - as we have discussed before - it is not as simple as translation into the local language. Cultural differences, religious beliefs and local laws and regulations are among many factors to consider. Pam Didner, a leading Global Content Marketing Strategist and renowned speaker, has released her book “Global Content Marketing”. With her years of experience, Pam outlines the best practices in global content marketing which are insightful to both new content marketers as … [Continue reading]

Mapping Content for a More Effective Funnel


How many times have you heard that, in marketing, there is no one-size-fits all - or some variation of it? However it’s phrased, the idea remains the same: trying to reach everybody will result in reaching nobody. Content marketing is no different. It started as giving out helpful, useful information to build authority and attract customers, and that’s not changing. But that information also has to be relevant to customers, depending on where they are in the funnel - and marketers are becoming aware of this. According to a recent study by … [Continue reading]

How the Latest Facebook Pages Updates Affect B2B Social Media Marketing


It’s again a case of “Facebook strikes with site updates”. The owner of your content’s rented land is making some more changes on his property. These latest Facebook Pages Updates will affect how businesses push content on the social media site to reach the news feeds of users. Facebook has tweaked its News Feed and added some innovative paid advertising options to reach out to prospects.  This comes after feature updates banning social bribery to get page likes, killing organic reach, and cracking down on posts with clickbait headlines all … [Continue reading]