Three months back, we reviewed Timely, a simple-to-use, fairly intelligent Twitter updater. Besides updating, it also did a good job of providing analytical reports of how your tweets are performing right down to re-tweets, clicks and reach. Now they go one up, actually two.

Releasing today under the banner “The Stream”, are a couple of key updates that makes Timely even more useful and indispensable to power Twitter users.

Timely - Activity Stream

Unified Activity Stream

See classic and native retweets as well as responses and respond quickly all inline from the Timely dashboard without going to Twitter or others tools to pull this information ad-hoc. and give you the ability to quickly respond.

Better, beefier analytics

With close to a quarter million Tweets being published from the platform, the folks at Timely have overhauled the analytics service which calculates Retweets, Clicks and Reach for each of your Timely tweets. This update in 100% under the hood, so no action is needed from your end.

B2Bento’s tweets are almost exclusively published via Timely and, in a nutshell, it’s awesome. The bookmarklet makes sharing a cinch – one click and we can forget about when it gets tweeted. We manage to reach out to our followers at a time they are likely to be monitoring their Twitter streams, and it makes us seem like we are publishing stuff almost round the clock. Perfect.

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